Pittsburgh Steelwheelers, Inc. is a non-profit organization [501(C)(3)], founded in 1977 as one of the first of its kind, which provides programs for physically challenged athletes from Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia, who desire to participate in competitive sports such as wheelchair rugby, wheelchair basketball and handcycling.

Overview and Services Provided

The organization has consisted of a variety of sports programs of which basketball, track/road racing, and rugby have been the most prominent. Soon after induction, the Steelwheelers adopted organizational objectives to:

  • Develop a program of physical activity to benefit the physically disabled
  • Improve leisure, recreational and sporting skills for the disabled
  • Educate the public about acceptance and employment of the disabled
  • Educate and encourage disabled individuals to achieve maximum use of their abilities
  • Expand the concept of total rehabilitation of the disabled by providing incentives through involvement and competition in wheelchair sports
  • Gain acknowledgement and respect from the community as being wheelchair athletes.

Our goal has always been to have all our members develop a sense of well-being that comes from being physically active and involved in the community.


Wheelchair basketball team competing in the NWBA (National Wheelchair Basketball Association)

Wheelchair Ruby team competing in the USWRA (United States Wheelchair Rugby Association)

Handcyle and Push Rim Team competing to national/international races. 

Geographic areas served: Western& Northern PA, Eastern OH, and Northern WVA


Name: Marshall Lee Tempest
Phone: 740-317-6003
Email: tempestml@upmc.edu