Submitted by Cathy Cuff-Coffman

In my previous blog, I covered some of the important products that I rely on each day. I received some questions on another key part of life—what to wear. Here are some clothing brands that I’ve found helpful and comfortable, and–dare I say–stylish!


Fabletics offers an insanely great first-time discount, and in the future the discounts on products you might want are great compared to those in the store. I usually wear a SMALL, but I opted for MEDIUM, given the excellent compression.

Their leggings, especially the high-waisted ones, are comfortable and offer compression from top to bottom. They feel so good, and the compression is just enough so that it feels great without being restrictive.

I like pockets on my pants – you have to check each pair to see if the pockets are included. I use them for my phone, ID wallet, and any money I need. They also have great sweatshirts and T-shirts. There is a cancellation policy. It’s hard to find, but once I had what I needed, I canceled.

Tommie Copper Support

I bit and bought the Tommie Copper Support bra, especially after three upper-body surgeries. What a difference! I am not “big,” but I needed a “posture coach,” and this bra is it. I’m standing and sitting up straighter, I feel less physically tired, and the bra does not dig into me like others have.

They have mens’ t-shirts, which I imagine offer men the same type of support.


I bought my first pair of Kizik shoes shortly after returning from inpatient rehab. They are as advertised: slip your toes in, push down with your heel, and pop! Your shoes are snugly on your feet. Other brands came out with “no tie” shoes. I tried them in retail stores but felt Kizik was more supportive and would last longer.

But when I was prescribed an Ankle-Foot Orthotic (AFO) I thought my Kizik days were over. Kizik had a “last chance sale” on some children’s shoes. Since I wear a women’s 6, that translates to a kid’s 4. I ordered a kid’s shoe, realizing they’d have a wider toe box and might be wider all around.

Voila! My AFO fit into the shoe, and I’m able to reap the benefits of their excellent construction, supportive arch on my Left foot, and the style of a tied shoe without having to tie it!

I’ll continue to share more ideas in the coming weeks. As always, if you have anything to add, send it our way at

Happy Health To You!