Rehabilitation to help recover from a spinal cord injury (SCI) takes dedication, both physical and mental. As both a former Pittsburgh Steeler and an SCI survivor, Ryan Shazier is acutely aware of the powerful role support and inspiration played in his own recovery.

He created Ryan Time to make a personal connection with SCI individuals. Ryan Time is a private conversation between Ryan and an SCI individual/family. It creates a personal opportunity to talk to each other about what it is like to live with an SCI. Ryan Times may also occur in person, such as in a visit to a rehab facility, at one of our events designed to connect the SCI community or virtually via a one-on-one video conference.

No matter the venue, Ryan shares his experiences and gives compassionate advice and support. Individuals who have participated in Ryan Time feel inspired by the conversation.

Ryan Times happen regularly throughout the year.

*Due to the current volume of our Ryan Time applications, please be advised there is a waitlist on getting scheduled for a Ryan Time. Ryan is doing his best to catch up and connect with everyone who applies. Thank you for your patience.

“Talking with you and you sharing your story really helped. I don’t feel alone, and I feel inspired.”



In most cases, the role of primary caregiver is taken up by a family member. Our goal is to provide support to the unsung heroes who take up the mantle of caregiver.

Open Your

Golden Window

The first 24 months of spinal rehabilitation are critical. They call it “The Golden Window.” Without financial support and expert guidance, many rehab patients do not know where to turn.